“I loved this book. It was charming, ” says Leigh Holland about ‘Madam Tulip’

“a delightful cozy mystery with quirky, interesting characters and just the right blend of mystery, suspense, and fun.”

“The pacing was excellent; I completed it in one evening. The plot was intriguing and the villain, human and believable.”

“I’d recommend this to anyone who likes cozy mysteries.”

Madam Tulip: An Irish Cozy Mystery by David Ahern


Madam Tulip and the Knave of Hearts is “another great book in the series” says paperbackreadingandmore

“Another great book in the series and I am really hoping there are more…!”
“What I particularly enjoy about this series is the characters.”
“…the writing is really great too and it is definitely a fast paced sort of read.”



CarrieK says Madam Tulip and the Knave of Hearts is “definitely a hit!”

“I loved the first book and, if possible, I think I loved this one even more!”
“If you like funny, exciting murder mystery type books (maybe like the Janet Evanovich/Stephanie Plum books) you will definitely love these! ”
“So much mystery and excitement, definitely a hit!”