Bones Reviews

What reviewers are saying about ‘The Bones of Chance’

“Would I recommend it? Without a doubt!
These books should be on the best seller lists!” – behindthewillows

“… there’s plenty of good comedic writing … a mystery you can’t really guess the solution to, a little peril, a dash of romance and some fun characters.” – irresponsiblereader

“Another hilarious and suspenseful Madam Tulip book.  A page turner just like the previous two.” – theaspiringwordsmith

“As with any good series, this just keeps getting better and better… I don’t hesitate to give five stars and say that I can’t wait for the next book.” barbtaub

“This is the third Madam Tulip book, and my favourite so far!” – bookshineandreadbows

“Madam Tulip is a laugh-out-loud, exciting, paranormal mystery; a must-read by all standards.” – nadanessinmotion

“This third book in the Madame Tulip series is wonderful read, and David Ahern’s wry humour is a delight.” – Whisperingstories

“This was another great adventure for Madam Tulip. I enjoyed reading it from start to finish.” – rachelpoli

“If you like your cozy mysteries with just enough of a mysteriously psychic spin to keep you on edge wondering what might be possible, then this is definitely a series you should check out!” – Jill Elizabeth (Goodreads) 

“Madam Tulip has just solved her third case and has instant appeal.” 
“(David Ahern’s) sense of humour blends cozy with sudden flare-up. His style is unusually entertaining.” – booktaste

“Even the most prodigious armchair sleuth will find that predicting the outcome is just one too many twists away from possible!”
“David Ahern never fails to bring laughter, intrigue and a kaleidoscope of colorful characters together.”
“I absolutely love Derry (and Madam Tulip, of course).”
“I predict I cannot give this less than five stars for pure entertainment joy as Mr. Ahern creates an atmosphere that screams “read me!” – Tometender

“…keeps the readers engaged till the end.”
“Look out for more books in the series.” – bookworldliness

“David Ahern has done it again! From the very first paragraph, I had a smile on my face.”
“His writing is enticing, there is great momentum and never a dull moment.” – kerensasreadingnook

“Bones of Chance was a fun read, light and humorous while simultaneously having that underlying nervous tension thrumming as any good mystery should.” – readexplorerepeat

“The Madam Tulip series brings something new to the crime/adventure genre … that we
should all be diving into.” – paperbackreadingandmore

“David Ahern’s misadventures of Madam Tulip are perfect to read anytime anywhere. Loving the series.” – booksfromdusktilldawn

“There is such a diverse and wonderful array of characters in the book that you can’t help but enjoy loving every minute of this read.”
“The author has a great talent throwing you off the scent as the mystery unfolds for a surprising ending.” – emilywilliamsauthor

“It’s entertaining. It’s charming. It’s delightful. It’s what I would term a cosy read!” – swirlandthread

“Totally worth it! … A cozy mystery for everyone.” – caroleraesrandomramblings

“Highly recommended for fans of Madam Tulip, Alexander McCall Smith, and any who appreciate quirky humour with a touch of magic.” – renaissancewriter

“The author’s writing is brilliant and colourful, the plot enjoyable, and Derry is just the most endearing character.”
“Perfect for a rainy day, Madam Tulip and the Bones of Chance is the ultimate cozy mystery.” – Readsandreels