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knaveofhearts3d-200x200-copy“This is the new series I’m recommending to anyone who loves a humorous mystery!”
“It made me giggle (so many times) “

“perfect for anyone who loves a cozy mystery with a twist.”
“I found myself chuckling away with his quirky style.”
“…enthralling and thrilling”

“…Packed full of mystery and suspense”
“…a series that seems to be going from strength to strength.”

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“Great plot, fabulous characters in a suspenseful mystery.”

“Another mystery packed adventure with Madam Tulip. I recommend it.”

” I love this series, highly recommend it, and suggest that readers treat themselves to both books in order.”
“if you’re up for a funny, well-written genre mashup with memorable characters and a great sense of voice and style, I think you’ll love this series.” –

“…a good read, never dull, never serious either, and always diverting.” – whisperingstories

“One of funnier and cleverer cosy mystery series I’ve had a pleasure to read so far.”
“If you ever stumble upon a Madam Tulip mystery do not hesitate to give it a go! You won’t regret it!” – Anachronist

“A cleverly twisting plot”
“…the characters fresh and the story exciting. It is a wild ride” – mikestheaterofthemind

“I loved the first book and, if possible, I think I loved this one even more!”
“If you like funny, exciting murder mystery type books (maybe like the Janet Evanovich/Stephanie Plum books) you will definitely love these! ”
“So much mystery and excitement, definitely a hit!” – carrieksbookreviews

“Another great book in the series and I am really hoping there are more…!”
“What I particularly enjoy about this series is the characters.”
“…the writing is really great too and it is definitely a fast paced sort of read.” – paperbackreadingandmore

“…complex and entertaining characters”
“…action filled …intense.” – Book Inspector

“I was genuinely still guessing at who was involved in what shenanigans right up until the reveal moment, “
“I am fully committed to this series now as a reader.” – bookshineandreadbows