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Hi, I’m David Ahern, Irish author of the Madam Tulip mysteries.

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About the Author
David Ahern grew up in a theatrical family in Ireland. He become a research psychologist in Scotland and the Netherlands, before inevitably his genes kicked in and he absconded to work in television. He became a writer, director and producer, creating international documentary series and winning numerous awards, none of which got him free into nightclubs.

He played in great bands, all doomed to obscurity, and wrote equally obscure plays, before taking to novel-writing. He now creates the Madam Tulip mysteries, in part as a tribute to the way actors never give up dreaming, but mostly to make himself laugh and scratch his head. David Ahern loves pretending this is actual work.

He also co-wrote and directed the acclaimed one-woman play ‘Beezie’ with the wildly talented Irish actress Sheila Flitton. If you’d like to know more about ‘Beezie,’ take a look here.

David lives in the beautiful West of Ireland with his wife, a cat, a tame pheasant, a clan of badgers and a vegetable garden.

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